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AC Art Collection

The AC Hotel Art Collection is designed to capture and share the culture, spirit and values of Portland through the voices of talented local artists and artisans who are at the very heart of who we are. Our multi-disciplinary program features custom works designed and created exclusively for AC Hotel Portland.

- Heidi McBride Co.

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By Emily Nachison from Portland, OR

Ram Sculpture

Materials: plywood, foam, wool army blankets, and horn

Portland attracts creatives and outside-the-box thinkers in spades

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By William Park from Portland, OR

Pacific Ocean Wave Painting

Materials: oil on canvas

Close proximity to natural bounty defines Portland culture and cuisine.  We are less than one hour to the mountains or coast, surrounded by trees and geographically defined by rivers

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By Jason Prouty

Hand-Painted Mural

Materials: transparent oils on steel

Based on a historic image, “Keg Pitching”, shot in the early 1900’s in Henry Weinhard’s Barrel Room

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By Mike Suri  from Portland, OR

Monumental Iron "Slab" Sculpture

Materials: Sand-cast aluminum

The “slab” embodies Portland’s pioneering spirit and roots in Timber and logging which is still prevalent today 

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Wood Owl

By Todd  Isaacs from Portland, OR

Owl Artisan Bookshelf

Materials: western black walnut (rare wood that only grows in OR, WA, and CA) and other wood species

Exhibits Portland’s love of artisans and “design-build” culture.  Portland has the largest inner city park in the nation, Forest Park, which is home to many “backyard” owls

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By Damien Gilley from Portland, OR

Architectural Graphic Urban "Totems"

Materials: etched glass

Abstracted architectural elements found in Portland with a focus on windows and sidewalks (“urban window shopping”)

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Oregons Garden

By David Cohen from Portland, OR

Curio Lightbox Installation

Materials: permanent India ink and ink washes on yupo watercolor paper; backlit by LEDs with glass face

Collection of Northwest native plants indigenous to the Portland area:

1. Heal All/Prunella vulgaris 2. Western Hemlock/Tsuga heterophylla 3. Streambank Lupin/Lupinus rivularis 4. Yellow Monkey Flower/Mimulus guttatus 5. Oregon White Oak/Quercus garryana 6. Western Skunk Cabbage/Lysichiton americanus 7. Mountain Ladyslipper/Cypripedium montantum 8. Western Flowring Dogwood/Cornus nuttallii 9. Oregon Stonecrop/Sedum oreganum 10. Doug Fir/Pseudotsuga menziesii 11. Oregon Iris/Iris tenax 12. Wild Ginger/Ausarum caudatum 13. Hazelnut/Corylus cornuta 14. Grand Fir/Abies grandus 15. White Fawn Lily/Erythronium oregonum 16. Tall Oregon Grape/Mahonia aquifolium 17. Oregon Ash/Fraxinus latifolia 18. Henderson’s Shooting Star/Dodecatheon hendersonii 19. Camas/Cammasa quamash 20. Licorice Fern/Polypodium glycyrrhiza 21. Western Red Cedar/Thuja plicata

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By Shelley Socolofsky from West, OR

Hand-Woven Textile

Materials: : hand-woven linen, wool, horsehair, cotton, and correction fluid


Subject is the cover of a popular local weekly newspaper, “Portland Mercury”

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By Damien Gilley from Portland, OR

Hand-Painted Portland icons Mural

Materials: subtle metallic paint on drywall (tone-to-tone)


Recognizable Portland elements abstracted into the immersive two-wall mural. Notable sites included: Hawthorne Bridge, multiple familiar sign shapes and streetlights, OHSU’s aerial walkway, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall’s marquee, & more

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