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Normandie is a neighborhood bistro that combines French Inspiration with the bounties of the Pacific Northwest. Expect a seafood heavy, flavor-forward food menu as well as an inventive cocktail program. Our menu changes frequently, as we bring fresh, seasonal plates to our guests.


Simple Ingredients, Bold flavors

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Happy Hour at 4PM to get the contender for most satisfying burger in town.

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The Screen Door

Screen Door presents a revival of regional American cuisine, a survey of the south, from South Carolina Lowcountry cuisine to soul food and Cajun one-pot cookery to the refined Creole and French preparations found in New Orleans. 


Natural, Local and Organic Breakfast

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Go on a Tuesday or Wednesday for no wait…but it’s worth the wait.


Voodoo Donuts

What began as the creating of the Voodoo Doughnut and the desire to return the lexicon to the correct spelling of D.O.U.G.H.N.U.T. has turned into a deep fried revolution.  Add the likes of the Bacon Maple Bar and the Portland Cream to the permanent list of American food icons.


Good Things Come

in Pink Boxes

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Bring cash!

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Tasty n Alder

Tasty n Alder, a John Gorham restaurant in Downtown Portland, Oregon, is a modern steakhouse featuring a fun, family-style menu of innovative dishes


Hello! My Name is Tasty

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Get the Radicchio Salad and the Banana Walnut Bread and the Polenta n Sugo and the....just try everything

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Portland Food Cart Pods

Portland has a proliferation of Food Carts and they seem to be growing in numbers and locations. Some might call them lunch wagons, taco trucks or even snack shacks, but whatever you call them, they are truly a phenomenon


Portland Loves Food Carts

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Dump Truck is our favorite!

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Discover an elevated dining experience in downtown Portland – a Pan Asian kitchen from Sage Restaurant Group. Floating atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building, Departure’s ambitious menu captivates diners with its masterful remix of authentic coastal cuisines.


Best Rooftop in the City!

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Check out the patio and ask the Bartenders for their recomendations. 

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Q Restaurant

Q is a chef driven restaurant in the heart of downtown Portland. We specialize in hyper-seasonal food, sourced locally. Our menu inspiration pulls from our staff’s diverse background, which allows us to have an ever changing and unique menu selection. 


A Hyper-Seasonal Restaurant

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Salt N Straw


Our NW shop is in the historic Esquire Building that has a history as a variety of theaters, coffee shops and ice cream parlors (or at least they called the backdoor entrance an ‘ice parlor’ during prohibition).


Small-Batch, Chef-Driven

Ice Cream

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Don't be afraid. Try a sample of the one that sounds least appetizing! It will blow your mind.

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Luc Lac

Popular counter-serve offering pho, banh mi & other Vietnamese favorites in a stylish setting.


Late Night PHO

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Open til 4am on Friday & Saturday!