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Blue Star Donuts

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Donuts for Grownups...

Fine Donuts & Coffee.

The donuts are in the details! Maybe not everyone will care that our coffee is designed to pair perfectly with our donuts, or that each fritter is perfectly scored before frying, but we do! We take our time and we help each other out to make sure the job always gets done correctly. 

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Get the big box! You won’t be able to choose just one flavor.


The Waiting Room

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Fried Chicken, Oysters, Champagne, and More!

Offering Louisiana style fried chicken and other southern cooking techniques, but we are driven with local Northwest ingredients and inspirations. 

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Champagne and fried chicken? Yes please!

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Pearl District

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Portland's Top

Shopping Districts

The Pearl District is an area of Portland, Oregon, formerly occupied by warehouses, light industry and railroad classification yards and now noted for its art galleries, upscale businesses and residences.

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See rotating local artists at the Basic Space Gallery.

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Olympia Provisions

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Handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. In order to achieve a finished product that tastes as good as it possibly can, we pay fastidious attention to the details. Ingredients are our inspiration and we seek out the best and freshest.

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After you fall in love with the meat boards, be sure to sign up for the Salami of the month club.

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Hawthorne District

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Indie Spirit Shops

Hippies and hipsters mingle on this busy Southeast Portland street. Eclectic is the norm on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, a walkable street with block after block of vintage shops, boutiques and cafés.

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Find a weird souvenir to take home at the Lizard Lounge.

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Paragon Restaurant

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Approachable Cuisine

This trendy Portland restaurant seamlessly combines an art gallery setting with an urban alehouse, creating the perfect neighborhood spot for mingling at the bar or enjoying a cozy dinner with friends at a booth in the corner. 

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Don’t miss their small plate happy hour pricing from 4:30-6 everyday.

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Pepe Le Moko

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Night Cap

Intimate spot serving oysters, assorted gourmet bites & a menu of creative house cocktails.

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Snag a seat at the bar, you’ll want to watch these cocktails be crafted.

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